We say broadcasting because that's the simplest way to put it.

We provide a service like a broadcaster - we make shows, or provide you with the tools to make them yourself.

We then send them to your audience and notify them, so they can watch, play with, laugh at, share or buy from them.

Simple really...



Unlike a traditional broadcast Headcasts are interactive.

Your audience can push and bend the performance, interact with it, navigate it or just make it do something funny.

With inputs for gesture and touch your characters will come alive in your audiences' hands. What's more their every interaction is recorded and analysed, so you can figure out what they like best.



That means full of movement, full of character and full of life.

We're a team of media professionals and animation obsessives with years of experience stretching from Spitting Image to Lara Croft. We develop characters and environments that beguile audiences, whoever or wherever they may be.

So whatever your communication goals, we can help to bring them to life.

Take a look at our latest apps for iOS, Android and Kindle devices.

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Get yourself animated

At the heart of the HeadcastLab platform sits the Self-Animator. A fantastic little gizmo that lets you (or if you'd rather, us) record, animate and broadcast Headcasts. In under a minute.

Whether you're a star looking to reach your fans through a more immersive environment than Twitter, or a brand looking to roll out a cost efficient mobile marketing platform, we can design your character and configure your bespoke app in next to no time.

Once you've installed the Self-Animator on your iPhone 5 or iPad you're all set to start Headcasting. Have a look at one of our HeadcastLab technicians demonstrating the software.

The Headcastlab Self-Animator